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As Complementary therapists we offer a range of therapies which help our clients to release emotional stress and so improve the quality of their lives.

Whether you need a simple, relaxing session giving you time to unwind at the end of your working day, or a more complex, tailored course of therapy aimed at a specific problem you can find your answer here.

Reiki  or  Reflexology  work fairly generally to facilitate a return to a better state of mind.

Reproductive Reflexology

Repro reflex is a new and specialised form of reflexology which works in a very focused way with the hormonal and reproductive systems. Early research is indicating that this technique can significantly increase the chance of conception for couple working with natural conception methods or assisted conception (IVF)


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Past Life Regression target the emotional responses more directly and aim to identify and neutralise old reactions to past trauma and release the emotional charge of these. Again the effect is to promote a change to a better emotional state.

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Gift Vouchers

Looking for an unusual gift idea for someone special?

We can offer Gift Vouchers for single sessions or blocks of sessions.

Choose from:

  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • (or mix and match for
    session blocks)

    35 for a single session

120 for a block of 4 sessions

Each session includes an introduction to complementary therapies, a short consultation and a full length therapy session.

Pay by cash, cheque or Paypal

Gift vouchers are sent by post in a gift card suitable for the occasion.

Give someone special the gift of improved health and happiness in their life!

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order your vouchers

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