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past-life2What is Past Life Regression?

Many people believe that everyone has lived through many past lives and that their current life is just one of a series of many lives. Past Life Regression is a way of accessing details of lives we have lived in the past. 

Sometimes it is possible to correlate the events experienced during regression with a real historical event or period which may aid validation of the experience. Also some of these lives may carry one or more specific themes which are also recognizable in the life currently being experienced. Many people experience a Past Life Regression simply for interest but we have also found that it is possible to aid resolution of current life issues by dealing with similar issues in Past Lives.

Another way of thinking about the “Past Lives” is that they are simply composite images drawn from experiences in this lifetime. Everything that we ever experience from in Utero onwards is recorded somewhere in the subconscious mind and somewhere in this vast database are the clues we need to unlock current issues. You may simply view the “Past Life” as a safe space in which to work out potentially serious issues. Whether you believe in Past Lives or not, this is an interesting process and it can have definate therapeutic value.


What Happens during a Regression?

The way that we introduce clients to Regression is simply an extension of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). We simply tap some of the Acupressure points used in EFT while encouraging you to remember backwards to events at key times of your life. The remembering is then extended to before the birth experience and then backwards in time to previous experiences. You are able to preview possible experiences from a safe space before choosing to enter them.

You are not put into a hypnotic trance and you remain conscious and responsive at all times.

Often people doubt that they can do this or that it will work for them but we have rarely met anyone who is completely unresponsive. Most people are fascinated by the process and are surprised and delighted with the details that come to light.

Sessions last from an hour to 90 minutes and cost 50. A recording of the session is given if required.

If you would like further information please phone and ask to speak to Philip Davis.



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