Philip and Christine are professional, experienced  Practitioners and Trainers. 

Essential Freedom Therapies
Transformational Emotional Healing and Personal Development

Reiki Training and Therapy, EFT and Reflexology

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Services Offered and Pricing Details:

We work primarily from our home based clinic at 92 Castle Lane, Olton, Solihull. B92 8DF but home visits are available where appropriate. Please note that if receiving a home visit there is a variable extra charge to cover expenses. Please ask for details before booking.

List of services offered                           Tariff

Reflexology session                      45-60 mins


Mixed Session/Stress Reduction   60-90mins


Reiki session                                   45-60 mins


Reiki Attunements (Usui-Tibetan)

Level 1 training                               2 days



Level 2 training                               2 days

Plus marking fee when case studies are submitted



Level 3A training                              2 days

Plus marking fee when case studies are submitted



Level 3B training                 3 days plus all assessments



Reiki Share Group                             2.5 hours


Reiki Practitioner Mentoring Group  2.5 hours


EFT/PTT consultation                        45-90 mins.
Longer sessions are charged Pro-rata
(Telephone consultations are also available)

includes tuition in using the technique for self–help purposes

EFT Talks/taster sessions for group meetings available by arrangement and presented by Phoenix EFT

Fee negotiable

EFT Training Courses for self-help or professional applications are available and presented under the name “Phoenix EFT” Phoenix EFT Website

EFT Level 1 Training                                 1 day




EFT Level 2 Training                                  2 days


EFT Level 3 Training                                  2 days


EFT Group Supervision                             1 day



One to one EFT Supervision                        variable

35 per hour. Shorter or longer sessions pro rata

Past Life Regression                                     1 hour
includes CD recording of session





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Picture Tapping Technique courses and therapists.
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Solihull EFT Tapping Group

Gift Vouchers

Looking for an unusual gift idea for someone special?

We can offer Gift Vouchers for single sessions or blocks of sessions.

Choose from:

  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • (or mix and match for
    session blocks)

    35 for a single session

120 for a block of 4 sessions

Each session includes an introduction to complementary therapies, a short consultation and a full length therapy session.

Pay by cash, cheque or Paypal

Gift vouchers are sent by post in a gift card suitable for the occasion.

Give someone special the gift of improved health and happiness in their life!

Email or phone us to
order your vouchers

0121 246 9448


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