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reiki-kanjiTransparentTest2Reiki Training and Attunements

Please note that all Reiki courses are compliant with the suggested Guidelines for Reiki training given by the UK Reiki Federation. The Practitioner training has been verified against the current National Occupational Standards for Reiki and is approved by the UK Reiki Federation

Training is given at 4 levels: First Degree - Second Degree - Master 3A - Master Teacher

Link to other levels:  First Degree - Master PractitionerMaster Teacher

SECOND DEGREE– Practitioner Level.
This is the minimum level you should achieve if you intend to work professionally and charge for your services. Please note that I train in accordance with the National Occupational Standards for Reiki.

Next scheduled dates for Level 2 Attunements:

Saturday 10th - Sunday 11th November 2018 - Reiki Level 2 Course venue and Booking
Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th March 2019 - Reiki Level 2 Course venue and Booking
Saturday 1st - Sunday 2nd June 2019 - Reiki Level 2 Course venue and Booking
Saturday 21st - Sunday 22nd September 2019 - Reiki Level 2 Course venue and Booking
Saturday 30th Nov - Sunday 1st December 2019 - Reiki Level 2 Course venue and Booking
2 day course, 10.00-5.00 pm. 2-6 students per course.  Fee 240 plus 30 marking fee when case studies are submitted. 

Requirements for students: Previous attunement to Level 1 and at least 3 months experience of working at level 1 on a one to one basis or in shares.

Second Degree Reiki Training is about reinforcing and enhancing your connection to the Energy, learning the symbols - what they really represent and how to use them, learning to establish and trust a strong distant connection for remote healing and opening up your psychic awareness for intuitive work.

Training at this level will give you:

  • Personal Attunement to higher levels of Reiki so that you have the ability to hold and channel more energy than before
  • The ability to consciously activate this increased level through the use of Reiki symbols
  • The ability to choose which aspect or quality of the energy you wish to use for a particular situation
  • The ability to send Reiki through time and space for absentee healing
  • An increased intuitive and psychic awareness if you choose to use it
  • More advanced techniques to use
  • More on the Energy system of the body
  • Advice and guidance on ethical and legal issues
  • Advice on all aspects of setting up in practice
  • A Certificate of Attendance to show that you have been attuned to Reiki at Level 2.

If you intend to use Reiki for self-help purposes or just to work with other people on a casual basis this is as much as you need to do but  if you intend to move into professional practice you will also need to complete Level 2 training and receive Practitioner Certification which allows you to gain professional insurance.

To complete Level 2 training:

  • You are required to keep a log of your self- treatments and your treatments of other people or animals. These sessions form part of the minimum 75 sessions which need to be logged before Practitioner certification can be awarded according to the Reiki NOS. Your experiences may prompt questions that you may raise with your Master Teacher. This constitutes part of your Continued Personal and Professional Development (CPD).
  • You are required to submit at least 3 case studies for assessment. Each case study should consist of at least 4 treatments on the same person or animal. These sessions are also part of the requisite 75 sessions but need to be reported in more detail so that you can demonstrate that you are capable of delivering a session to a professional standard.
  • You are required to continue to read widely to expand your understanding of Reiki and swap experiences and insights and to attend appropriate courses and Reiki shares. This all forms part of your CPD and each item should be documented.
  • You are asked to maintain contact with your Reiki Master for a minimum of 6 hours post-course mentoring and support. This may be done via attendance at Reiki shares or group or private tutorial sessions in person or by phone. This also contributes to your CPD.
  • You are required to gain a basic qualification in First Aid techniques if you do not already have one. We can offer advice on sourcing this training-it is widely available.
  • You are required to gain a working understanding of Human Anatomy and Physiology if you do not already have this. It may be done by attending a college course or by home study as preferred.
  • You are required to take training in other areas of expertise if you do not already have these skills e.g. Listening skills or basic counselling skills, Practice management and business skills. We offer some of these topics as extra training days 2-3 times per year or you can find them elsewhere. We can offer advice on suitable courses.

Reiki Practitioner certification is awarded when all of these criteria have been met and you may then obtain professional and public liability insurance.

Guidance on how to comply with these requirements is given as part of the Level 2 course

Generally it is expected that it will take a minimum of a year to move from complete beginner to competent practitioner.

Please phone or email for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Other dates for this course may be available by arrangement. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. A minimum of 2 students are required for a course to run.


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