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reiki-kanjiTransparentTest2Reiki Training and Attunements

Please note that all Reiki courses are compliant with the suggested Guidelines for Reiki training given by the UK Reiki Federation. The Practitioner training has been verified against the current National Occupational Standards for Reiki and is approved by the UK Reiki Federation

Training is given at 4 levels: First Degree - Second Degree - Master 3A - Master Teacher

Link to other levels:  First Degree - Second DegreeMaster Teacher


THIRD DEGREE -  Advanced Level.
Master Practitioner  2 day course.

2 days, 10.00am to 5.30pm both days.   2-4 students per course
Fee: 300 plus Case Study marking fee 30. 

Next dates for this Training:

Saturday 11th - Sunday 12th May 2019 - Reiki Level 3A Course venue and Booking
Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th November 2019 - Reiki Level 3A Course venue and Booking

This 2 day course is suitable for any Reiki student who wishes to expand their understanding of Reiki and the use of more advanced techniques, but who does not wish to take the full Master Teacher course immediately. It forms an ideal platform to go on to Master Teacher Level at a later date as required.

Requirements for students: Previous completion of Reiki Level 2 requirements and at least 3 months experience at working at this level (professionally or not) in one-one situations and Reiki shares.

It is possible to take Reiki Level 3A training before you complete the requirements to gain Practitioner certification. Some students prefer to gain the extra level before commencing professional practice.

Students who have trained with other masters in the past are very welcome to apply but I will either phone you or meet you to have a chat about what you have covered before and your expectations of advanced level training.

This Level 3 course includes:

    Review of material covered at Level 2
    Reiki Lineage
    Ancient origins of Reiki (pre –Usui)
    Reiki at Master Level
    Meaning and use of the Usui Master Symbol
    Meditation and Attunement to the Master Symbol
    Reiki meditation for Level 3A
    More on spiritual development
    More on the Energy system of the body
    Construction and uses of a Reiki Crystal grid
    Introduction to Psychic Surgery
    Paired work to explore the “feel” of the master symbol energy and try out new techniques
    Reiki share
    Comprehensive course manual
    All refreshments

To complete Level 3A training:

    You are required to continue your journal of your self- treatments. This constitutes part of your Continued Personal and Professional Development (CPD).
    You are required to carry out at least 3 supervised treatments. At least one of these will be completed as part of your Level 3A course. The rest may be completed privately or during shares by arrangement with the Reiki Master Teacher.
    You are required to present 6 case studies each consisting of 4 treatments to your Master teacher for assessment and discussion.
    You are required to continue to read widely to expand your understanding of Reiki and swap experiences and insights and to attend appropriate courses. This all forms part of your CPD and each item should be documented.
    You are asked to maintain contact with your Reiki Master via attendance at Reiki shares and also, if you wish via private tutorial sessions in person or by phone where you can discuss progress and ask any questions which occur to you as your use of Reiki progresses. This also contributes to your CPD. A minimum of 2 hours post course mentoring is suggested.

    Your Master Practitioner Certificate will be issued on satisfactory completion of Level 3A requirements plus all of the Level 2 Practitioner requirements if you have not already completed these.

Further training to Master Teacher level is also available.
1 course is scheduled per year but courses may also be arranged when required.
Please contact me for more information if you feel ready to take the teaching level to begin to train students.



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Gift Vouchers

Looking for an unusual gift idea for someone special?

We can offer Gift Vouchers for single sessions or blocks of sessions.

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    35 for a single session

120 for a block of 4 sessions

Each session includes an introduction to complementary therapies, a short consultation and a full length therapy session.

Pay by cash, cheque or Paypal

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Give someone special the gift of improved health and happiness in their life!

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