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Specialist Areas of Practice:

Complementary therapies can be used to help deal with many conditions. As experienced therapists we have personally worked with a wide range of clients and their problems, but we have have also both developed  areas of practice in which we are particularly interested  and we have treated many people with these conditions very successfully:

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                                           Working with Depression

Working with Cancer Patients: As complementary therapists we do not claim to work with Cancer directly and will only work with clients who have already received diagnosis and appropriate medical advice. However we have both found that working with the emotional effects of diagnosis and subsequent medical treatment can give enormous benefit to people who are currently going through the cancer process or who have completed treatment. These events often produce severe emotional disturbance and there are real benefits from working with these emotions.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is the primary tool that we use to help people who are dealing with these emotional problems. Even though they are being treated by the medical services for cancer they can benefit greatly from working with their emotional state in parallel. EFT can also aid the family and friends who are supporting the cancer patient as they, also, often experience emotional problems.

We can also use Reiki and Reflexology to help with the support and healing process depending upon the needs of each client. This work with complementary therapies can run alongside the normal medical procedures or be done after they are finished when a person is often left feeling very alone and unsupported and has huge fears about their future.

A diagnosis of cancer (any form) is emotionally devastating and crippling in the sense that everything else in life seems to stop while you deal with it, but it does not have to be that way. It is a common observation that the patients who cope better with the whole cancer process are those who can reach and maintain a more positive and optimistic outlook. In fact complementary therapies are used widely within oncology departments and hospices to support cancer patients. With EFT treatment we have helped many cancer patients to shift to a more positive frame of mind which they have found beneficial.

We also help clients to explore the origins of the disease within their own lives and heal the emotional issues which may have contributed to their susceptibility to developing cancer. There are many scientific articles which suggest that chronic stress can and does affect the functioning of the entire body including depressing the normal activity of the Immune system. This is a key factor in a cancer becoming established rather than being recognised as abnormal and being eliminated. It is the emotional reactions of a person which make up “stress” and the roots of emotional reactions vary widely for different people. It is these emotional roots with which we work and though the healing journey is very personal and unique for each person; we can help you to find your way through the process.

It is ultimately a journey away from fear and negativity and back towards joy and love of life.

How may we help you?


Working with Phobias and Fear: A phobia is diagnosed (by a doctor) when a person has a fearful over-reaction to a trigger which does not pose a real threat. In other words it is a state of extreme fear-an emotional state. The effects of strong states of fear (whether they have been diagnosed as a Phobia or not) can be devastating and can severely affect how people act and run their lives.

Many, many people in the UK have at least one very strong fear and many people have several.

The most common phobias in the UK are:
Public speaking
Spiders and insects
Open spaces/Closed in spaces
Bodies of water

Do you have any of these, or any others?
Are they affecting your life, work, activities and relationships?
Did you know that most fears can be neutralised very effectively?

We can help! Phobias and other fearful issues respond very well to Emotional Freedom Technique, usually within 1 to 3 sessions of work and we have worked with many clients who have now left their fear behind. 

Can we help you to heal your phobia?

Come and try it out. What have you got to lose except your fear?


Working with depression.

Depression can range from just feeling a bit “down” to a very severe mental disorder which can have life threatening consequences and which needs urgent medical diagnosis and treatment. We will refer you back to your GP in cases where the emotional symptoms are severe but it is possible to use EFT and other complementary therapies to help support patients who are under medical care for Depression.

We have helped many clients who are dealing with depression.  EFT does not mask the symptoms  but finds and deals with past events in life and the emotional consequences which may have contributed to the development of the problem.

Depression takes many forms, and each person’s experience is different.  Similarly, each person takes a different amount of time to deal with the problem. We will help you to find and understand the origins of your depression and then help you move towards a brighter future.

Whatever your problem - you are a unique individual. You may choose which therapy to try, or your therapy can be tailored for your unique needs and can include any of the therapies offered here with your complete agreement and

 Can we help you? Come and try a session.
 What have you got to lose?



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